Friday, 20 of September of 2019

Magical Thinking!

Think “St Paddy’s day” and visions of leprechauns, pots o’ gold, rainbows, shamrocks and green beer (or in my case a vodka green leprechaun) springs to mind. With a little research I discovered that like most legends, Irish folklore springs from stories of real people. In fifth century BC, Gaelic invaders discovered a pre-Celtic race in which men were about five feet tall.
The invaders called them, “little people.” The word eventually morphed into “leprechaun.” The little people were known to bury their dead with valuable treasures that the invaders believed was gold. Eventually this tale grew into the legend that the burial grounds could be found at the end of a rainbow, hence if you found the burial ground you would find your “Pot o Gold!”

Girl_with_Magic_Box_400x400People all over the globe engage in religious and folk rituals and superstitions. In this age of “reason” (a dubious term these days) why would we still feel a pull towards wanting to preserve the myths of the past or believe that certain rituals might control our good luck? Why do we make a wish before blowing out our birthday candles, cross our fingers, knock on wood or perhaps carry a symbolic keepsake for good luck? Why do we believe in such things as Numerology and Astrology? Some call this “magical thinking,” but is magical thinking bad?

“Magical Thinking” Is Good For You.

Religious and cultural superstitions connect us to our cultural heritage. It helps us to make sense of our existence and our common humanity. As humans, we are drawn to patterns. Recognizing patterns allow us to predict and expect what is coming. A numerical pattern that is pervasive throughout the universe is the Fibonacci Sequence, also known as the Golden Ratio. (Numerology of course is one of my favorite predictors of cycles and trends). Cavemen sought out patterns to survive. We seek out patterns to understand and to find meaning in life.

There are events in our life that we cannot explain rationally. The belief that we have a connection to the unknown and a higher purpose gives us hope. And without hope, there is no life and “Magical Thinking” as it turns out… is good for you.! Here’s why:
*Magical thinking can enhance creativity. People who engage in magical thinking tend to be daydreamers, more optimistic and good at brainstorming.
*The Placebo Effect: The proven theory that a non-medication i.e., a sugar pill can cause medical improvement if the patient strongly believes it will.
*Magical Thinking gives you confidence. It allows you to believe in the “big picture “and the possibility of your big dream and vision becoming a reality.

There are so many examples of magical thinkers who have made their dreams a reality. Here’s one I love from an interview with Nic Pizzolatto, according to Carlota Zimmerman from the Huff Post
Nic Pizzolatto, the creator/writer behind True Detective was already a published author and college professor when he heard that there was a job that would allow him to fulfill his dreams of writing for TV… ding ding ding! He experienced that moment of understanding that what he had yearned for was possible if he worked very hard. And he did the work. Today, we hear the name Nic Pizzolatto and we think, Oh yeah, the True Detective guy. Before his series debuted on HBO, if Nic had told his fellow faculty that, “Yeah, I’m writing a show that’s going to change TV,” many of them would have rolled their eyes.
He dreamed it, he did it. Such is the glory of magical thinking. In the same Daily Beast interview, Nic Pizzolatto mentions that a lot of people wouldn’t have even bothered sending in their spec scripts. Unfortunately, he’s right. The bad part of magical thinking is that, for many people, identifying their big goals immediately makes them feel unworthy, overwhelmed and frightened. Who the hell am I, they think, to want so much? (Spoiler alert: You’re human.)

Need more convincing? To be an “unmagical thinker” is very “unhealthy” says Peter Brugger, head of neuropsychology at University Hospital Zurich. His data suggests that lack of magical ideation negatively impacts one’s ability to experience pleasure. So there you have it. All you Magical Thinkers and Law of Attraction enthusiasts go for your pot o’ gold and your great big dream. You can bask in the knowledge that psychology, science AND the Universe has your back!

Live Miraculously,



What’s Scaring You? – Living Miraculously with Michele Landers

By the time we reach middle age, we’ve accumulated years of personal experiences, observed other’s experiences and have likely exaggerated the dreadful possibilities of “what could” happen. But here’s an interesting statistic: Most of our general fears never happen.


Some people really loved to be scared. Sensation seeking, “fans of fright” get an adrenaline rush from scary things, like horror flicks and death defying roller coasters (That would not be me).

I like what comedienne Kathleen Madigan says: “I’m not afraid of Vampires. Nope, not at all. A Vampire can walk into my room in the middle of the night and I would be like, yeah, what do you want? But I’ll tell you what does scare me… this big black mole on my arm.”

We are all born with different temperaments that contribute to our perception of fear. Maybe we started out as thrill seekers or simply enthusiastic, curiosity driven adventurers and then somewhere along the way, life experiences changed not only what scares us… but guess what… what inspires us. Usually around middle age, the reality of our immortality begins to set. By that time we’ve accumulated years of personal experiences, observed other’s experiences and have likely exaggerated the dreadful possibilities of “what could” happen. But here’s an interesting statistic: Most of our general fears never happen. Insurance companies know this and that’s why they make so much money on the gazillion types of insurance policies they sell, running the gamut from “Cold feet insurance” ( your betrothed backs out of the wedding) to Alien abduction insurance ( Uh huh, no kidding).
On the flip side, here’s another little nugget of useful information: If you spend most of your time worrying and in fear about “what could happen,” then those little eaves droppers; your cells and the Universe will respond in accordance with your thoughts and “give you something to worry about” and I know you don’t want that!

“Living with fear stops us taking risks, and if you don’t go out on the branch, you’re never going to get the best fruit.” —Sarah Parish

There are other types of subtle fears, holed up and hiding deep within your subconscious. These cleverly disguised fears are the most devastating. When they are the key holders to your emotional headquarters, you’re running on low grade, low- level anxiety- ridden, and worry- filled fuel. It clouds your vision and pops a pin in your balloon of enthusiastic and inspired ideas. These fears are ready to strike whenever you have an idea to do something different… or brilliant and amazing!

In my practice, in my workshops, at speaking engagements, in my writings, my bottom line message to everyone is this: You were born here with a special purpose. Yes, yes you were. Your job here on this planet is twofold: Number one: Discover your passion and your purpose (Yes, I coach people on this) Number two: When you do discover this all important and miraculous gift, it is your job to share your talent, your gift with the world. Wouldn’t there be a lot less fear, anxiety and problems in this world if we were all doing what we were meant to and what we love to do? Of course! If you want to live in alignment with your purpose and passion, purpose. What’s the difference between them and you? Nothing, except perhaps …your mind set. If you sincerely want to overcome your fears, you have to confront them, challenge them and take back your control.

Here are three tips to get you started:
1: Name your fears and invite them in. Your fears reside in the shadows. Acknowledging them and coaxing them into the light will lessen their impact. (I would be happy to share my meditation: “Journey to Awakening” about meeting your subconscious. Just email me at )
2: Have an open dialogue with your fears: They have a voice and want to be heard! Listen intently. Don’t hate your fears– they really thought they were keeping you safe.
3: Gently challenge your fears: Are your fears (and beliefs) 100% accurate? How can you be sure? Are they your voice… or someone else’s voice from your past?
They key to uncovering and conquering your fears is to be courageous enough to keep asking questions to uncover and remove its roots and then to plant the seeds of your most joy filled life!

Live Miraculously,

Michele Landers is a Board Certified Life Purpose Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist and professional Numerologist. Her passion is helping others uncover their passion, their purpose and their own unique talents. Michele is the author of The Tao of Numbers and The Year of Living Miraculously. She can often be seen throughout the year on WPTV’s “Today’s 5 at 11:00” with John Favole.


“Sex, Lies & Video Tape” A Numerological Forecast

28059340_10216207825934839_6547449702605243397_nNumerological Forecast – WHAT’S GOING ON?  

It is infrequent that I will send out Numerology updates - which is odd considering I am a professional Numerologist. In any case, in view of all the chaos we are experiencing, I had posted the following on FB, but thought it would be a good idea to a forward this to a larger audience.

FOR THE WORLD: MARCH 2018 is a   5 Universal Month  in a 11 Universal Year. 

This IS the year of the “woman.” Overall more women will have their voice heard and will have more say and more influence as to how the year unfolds. Equally important is that the year universally, is an 11 vibration. 11 is a master number in numerology, meaning it holds a highly spiritual vibration.

If we are in alignment with this energy, things will go well. If we are not, then we can expect upheavals. It is revelation, intuition… or …revolution and conflict. Why is that? Well, in this experience of physical life, we would not understand sweet without it’s opposite, sour. And so when any number shows up on our physical plane we can experience both it’s challenges and gifts. 

Example: If you are in a 9 Personal Year, according to your numerological chart, you have the opportunity to let go of anything that is confining you or not serving your highest good. The challenge of the number 9 is that for most people “letting go” is a big problem and the things that they need to let go of, usually have ‘claw marks’ on them! It is when we resist the energy of the numbers that the challenges arise. 

The higher the energy of a number, the greater the gift… and the more difficult the challenge. And so again, this is an extremely spiritual year and if we are not in alignment with the positive aspects of this highly spiritual energy, we fall prey to its opposite, which is discord and conflict.  

I bet you don’t need a crystal ball or a psychic reading to know how “aligned” the powers that be  (those in control of our planet) are with this very spiritual energy. However, there are those of us who are in alignment, in the best way we know how, and we need tocontinue to be a light, to be open, to let go and to ask for what action we must take to help heal the planet.                                         

So, to continue…

In March the emphasis is on change. Worldwide, this month will be hectic with unexpected changes, ups and downs, along with surprising revelations. The expression “being in the flow” is best for navigating through the rocky waters of the month.

“Sex, Lies and Video Tapes” FOR THE USA: March 2018 is a 7 Personal Month  in a 13/4 Personal Year.

   For the USA: ( big sigh) The overall vibration for the year can be viewed as an obstacle course, full of land mines. There will be doubt and concern for the direction we’re taking for much of 2018. The year is about hard work, creating more structure and setting new foundations. The 13 is a “Karmic” number  (what we sowed will be reaped) and this means destined situations will occur this year.   The Karmic 13 involves being critical & judgmental, not doing your share of the work, taking shortcuts, rigid thinking, controlling.. and more. (Not making this up,look up Karmic 13 on the internet!LOL)

THE MONTH OF MARCH vibrates to the number 7. “Sex, Lies and video tapes:” For the USA, mystery and secrecy will be the theme for the month. It is a “Saturn Period” for the USA. Saturn is a teacher and often restrictive and burdensome. Saturn describes who or what are our major challenges or difficulties for the year.

The major challenges of the year for the USA are to make changes in our philosophy, the way we perceive things and how to understand the proper use of money from a spiritual perspective. That is one tall order!  This of course comes as no surprise and so far, we’re not doing too well. 

If we don’t face these challenges and make the necessary changes, the backlash can be fierce. How fierce? I wish I could tell you, I just know things will be much more difficult on all levels and I think we’ve have enough of that.  Another interesting point is that this specific energy can bring “illness” and since  it is in reference to a country and not a person, I can only deduce that this means the discovery of where we are “ill” as a country, will come to the foreground. But, don’t despair! Often we need a breakdown to get to the breakthrough!  Those of us who realize we are on a spiritual journey ( and just know we’re all in this together and hence a part of the co creation of it all) can tune into the high side of the mystical 7 this month; we can experience significant changes in our outlook and perceptions. It is the time for deep reflection, MEDITATION and spending quiet time to really look within.

Check in with yourself and see where you are too opinionated or judging others… and yourself. You can gain valuable insight into your subconscious: What are your beliefs, what motivates you to do the things you do? Then take that clarity and energy and gather together to form groups of positive intention setting and sending positive energy to the country and the world.

No “hate darts” only healing energy. I’m deadly serious about this. We as a country desperately need to gather together our collective positive energy and take action for positive change. It should be crystal clear by now that hate and anger is not the solution and it is only plunging our beloved country more deeply into chaos, turmoil and anarchy.

I do hope this very brief explanation of how the energy of the numbers operate is understandable and helpful. See  you  soon with more Numerological insights!

Blessings and Live Miraculously,