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I find it hard to believe that we are at the halfway mark of 2017. In reality though I’m always amazed at how time flies. And the older I get, the more I am convinced that time speeds up.

tao of numbers  Numerologically, I’m in a 7 personal Year. A 7 Personal  year is deeply transformative. It is not a year to pursue    money (darn it!) but it is a year to reevaluate, to reconnect  with others from the past and most importantly to  reexamine where I am in my spiritual practice.

Things will  come to you in a 7 year …as long as you do not  push… or  pull. It usually involves making important  decisions in  your life as well.

A BIG check mark on all of the above for me. For about four years now, I’ve been on a not-so- much – fun roller coaster ride. And all I can say is the highs have been high and the lows…well you know the rest. The good thing is that knowing my chart, I had a “heads up” and so it made it somewhat easier at times. Knowing the laws of co creating my reality … and miracles…also was a huge help.

And this is where people get kind of confused. They often say to me: “well you’re either co creating your reality or it’s all predestined. So which is it, Michele?” My answer: It’s both! Although it seems like a paradox, both are equally true.

It is my belief that our course in life is set or predestined — meaning that no matter what, in this particular incarnation we are going from point A to Point B. Along this journey we will encounter situations and relationships that were predestined and which offer us the opportunity to grow spiritually. So in effect over our entire life within these predestined situations, we exercise our free will by way of the choices that we make.

This is how we grow spiritually (well, hopefully anyway) within these experiences. So, the question we might ask ourselves is always the same; “What do

I need to learn from this experience and is this something that keeps repeating in my life?” After that the question becomes will I learn from this experience and move on or do I choose to keep repeating the same issues over and over again? It is always our choice.

After all, the Universe (or God) has plenty of time to play this game (actually all of eternity!). It is a good reminder that at every moment we are choosing, and every choice co creates our future. However, bear in mind there are certain “destined” experiences that cannot be altered.

Numerology is a fascinating study of your name and birth date and how it impacts your present life’s journey. Having a Personal Numerology Reading serves as a type of blueprint for this life’s experience. It also reveals your talents, challenges, opportunities and mission in this lifetime. The forecasting area of your chart details the opportunities and the challenges that the yearly vibrations attract.

I find that generally speaking, most people are interested in the bottom line or “what’s happening in my life right now” or “what’s going to happen.” It’s great and kind of exciting to take a peek into your future, however, a Numerology report offers much more rich information that can impact your entire life.

Many of you know that my charts are personally interpreted by me. I spend hours on every chart and I believe $187.00 for a full reading and $127.00 for a yearly update is quite reasonable. When I interpret a chart I weigh all the aspects against one another and I use other transits that are not in any ordinary computerized program.

Because I realize there are many people who would like a more affordable interpretation I am now offering a Decoz computerized Numerology program. It is a good quality program and a fine starting point and I’m sure you will find it informative.

Here are the prices for the computerized charts:

Numerology Personality Profile $19.97 Reveals the meaning behind each number in your personal chart and describes your personality, talents, strengths, and other traits.
Numerology One-Year Forecast $24.97 Gives you a preview of major influences in the year ahead

Compatibility Chart: 2 Names: $24.97

I’m not sure how long I will offer these computerized charts, so if you are interested, I suggest you act fast. email me at and please put “Numerology Chart” in the subject line.




“Have Holy Curiosity”

Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge Quote Albert Einstein Quotes Quotehd“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” — Albert Einstein

I have made it my life’s work to explore mind set, eastern philosophies, addictions and the wacky world of quantum physics (what little I could grasp) I have many beliefs and ideas about life, love, money and such and I realize that at any given moment they could change.

I wrote two books about my perceptions  (The Year of Living Miraculously and The Tao of Numbers)  and I share those conclusions and what has worked for me in my workshops, classes and articles. I guess you could say I’m a teacher and at the same time I’m also a student.. I consider myself someone who has found a passion and who has put in over 10,000 hrs of deliberate experience (beyond what Malcolm Gladwell  speaks of) and someone who loves to share their ideas.

I love to post inspirational posts and like to share both funny and even irreverent ones. I don’t walk on water and have no interest in trying to convince you that “my way is the right way.”

So here’s the thing: I don’t ever want to be a preacher or someone who claims to have absolute knowledge or truth, because I don’t …and I don’t believe anyone else does. I have my days when I believe I can ‘fly’ and days when I question what the hell this is all about.

I’m saying all this because I believe when we put someone on a pedestal we give away our power which is the exact opposite of what I believe, a good an honest teacher wants for anyone with whom they share their beliefs and ideas.  A lot of knowledge and a little knowledge are both dangerous: If you think you know it all, there is no room for growth. If you know a little you may think you’re an authority and again there is no room for growth.

Einstein said it best:The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing. One cannot help but be in awe when he contemplates the mysteries of eternity, of life, of the marvelous structure of reality. It is enough if one tries merely to comprehend a little of this mystery every day. Never lose a holy curiosity.”

We all have something special to share with the world which makes us all special and at the same time, all the same. Listen, read and study what calls to your heart and soul and most importantly, discriminate and evaluate what makes sense to you.

Pay attention to how your body reacts to new information and those sharing that information. If it makes you a little uncomfortable emotionally or physically, well, maybe it’s time to break out of your cocoon… and then again…. maybe it’s just not for you.

Find your truth and honor YOURSELF. You don’t have to convince anyone to believe what you believe. If you do, or if it angers you when others disagree with you, then I would suggest you might want to re evaluate what you believe. Develop and strengthen your intuitive muscle and you will always be lead in the right direction … for you. And never, ever lose your hope …or your holy curiosity.

Live Miraculously,

If you are interested in what brought me to many of the perceptions I have… and my belief that we can co create real miracles in our life… then take a brief read of my new book on Amazon. I think you’ll like it!

“The Year of Living Miraculously”





What’s more, we are living in what appears to be very scary times and the result is that more people are experiencing feelings of distress and worry. Whether or not you watch the news, you would have to be living under a rock to not be aware of the fact that our world appears to be in a broken, volatile and unbalanced state.

No one wants to be controlled and yet fear is a very effective way to control people and keep you stressed out, helpless and hopeless.

You might ask “how can I possibly be happy when (you fill in the blank) is happening?” I know (first hand) it’s tough when bad things happen whether it’s on avery personal level or globally. Let’s be clear, it is quite normal to go through a grieving process, if that is the case.

Beyond that, consider this: “How many hours of worry, fretting or stress does it take to change a situation?” The answer of course is zero.

We have within us the power to change our thoughts and thus how we feel and how we perceive our world. We know this and yet our troubled thoughts hold us hostage.

There are as many ways to deal with stress and worry and ways to raise yourhappiness level as there are cures for the common cold.  But one concept, one virtue — so appropriate for this time of year — which seems to outshine them all — is Gratitude. It is one of the most powerful and important steps in my Living Miraculously program and a step that I like to call “Wild Gratitude.”

Wild Gratitude is unrestrained, uninhibited deep reverence for the things in our life that we so often take for granted. It is much more than appreciation. Look around you at the natural miracles that abound in your life: The bright blue sky, the luminous stars, the flourishing plants, the sturdy trees, the vast ocean and breathtaking mountains. You think this is just another day in your life? It’s not. It is a gift that is given to you and it deserves the reference of gratitude. Respond to the uniqueness of this day as if it is the first…or last day of your life. And know this day will never come again.

Wild Gratitude urges you to open your heart, sending love to the people in your life that you treasure — and those you have never met. Wild Gratitude urges you to bring joy into your life and to be grateful for all things, all the time. What does that look like, “be grateful for all things, all the time?”


“You’re grateful your friend didn’t die… if they do die you’re grateful that you knew them. You’re grateful for what has happened…. And you’re grateful for what hasn’t happened.”


Wild Gratitude makes you more joyful, less stressed, less self-centered and more optimistic. It improves your immune system and your creativity, you sleep better and you make better decisions.

You want to practice Wild Gratitude, right?

• Get out pen and paper. List everything that’s happening in your life now and all the people that you have a connection to on one side of the paper. On the other side write at least one thing that you are grateful for (even any challenges) as a result of this experience or person. Yes, you can start with the easy ones. But, you gotta do the tough ones too! (They’re the most enlightening!) Keep at it, even if it takes days and you’ll figure out how to “flip the switch” on your challenges.

• Be more aware of your surroundings and the priceless gift of each day.

•  Meet the eyes of all people you come in contact with and send them rays of love and healing.

If you make Wild Gratitude a practice it will change your life, I promise!  Wishing you a beautiful and grateful Thanksgiving.  Live Miraculously!


With Wild Gratitude,