Living Miraculously

“The Year of Living Miraculously” Book, Workbook and CD

How to create the world of your dreams by Michele Landers

Year of Living Miraculously with Numerology by Michele Landers

Do you notice that the world as we know it is changing rapidly? And did you also notice that it is quite apparent that our old beliefs no longer serve us? In this day and age, more than ever we need to develop a higher consciousness and a perception that extends far beyond what we have been brought up to believe as “real.”

Many of us are searching for truth when in reality the truth is simply whatever we believe it to be. The expression “you’ll see it when you believe it” has now become for many people a daily mantra.

This is an amazing concept that many people are embracing as truth and the basis of my latest book “The Year of Living Miraculously.”

Many people gather together week after week, discussing the Law of Attraction, visualizing, affirming and writing down their hopes and dreams. Many have success stories and yet many keep experiencing their same not-so- successful “story” over and over again. Why is that? And what would it take to live our life with miracles as an everyday experience?

I think the answer is simple and as ridiculous as it sounds, was in a Seinfeld episode many years ago– the one where George discovers that he could have everything he wants just by doing the opposite of what he’s always done. When George took a leap of faith and did just one thing in total opposition to how he normally would, he began attracting all the things that he wanted- the girl and a job with the NY Yankees.

Funny, right? Yet, there is much truth to this TV episode. Maybe this example is a little bit of an over simplification… and then again, maybe it’s not. We’re so used to living life in a certain way that even when we believe we are doing things differently, we’re really not.

There’s an answer that is given to alcoholics when they ask what they have to change in their life to become sober and experience a new and better way of living. The answer they are given is this: “there is only one thing you have to change: everything.”

I think it’s exactly the same for people who want to experience their life as real co creators. What do we have to change? Everything! And…. Nothing.

By “everything” I mean our perceptions and beliefs of how life works. By “nothing” I mean to allow who we really are to emerge.

Our world as we see it and as we know it begins from the moment we are born. Thereafter, year after year and layer upon layer of beliefs are imposed upon us. This is not to say that we haven’t received positive messages. However, much of what we’ve learned is about limitation and very few, if any of us have been told that there exists a zero point field pregnant with possibilities that we can tap into.

In “The Year of Living Miraculously” I address the various ways we can set ourselves free from our self imposed straw prisons and enter into this miraculous zero point field.

After years of facilitating workshops, speaking to groups, private coaching and the use of hypnotherapy, I’ve come to realize that who we really are needs to be gently coaxed out. With specifically designed exercises, hypnotherapy, meditations and self inquiry work we can learn how to detach from the world of illusion “out there” and embrace the world of reality and intuition that resides “behind our eyes.”  Newly confident and better equipped to authentically co create our reality and Live Miraculously!

Are you ready to take a quantum leap into the world of Miracles? I hope so!