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Hypnosis or Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool for getting targeted results. Whether used on its own or as part of your life purpose coaching, hypnotherapy can bring you the results you are looking for. Reduce negative thoughts, improve self-confidence and bring positivity back to your core. Speaking directly to your subconscious can change behaviors so you can be in control of your life.

More than just a coaching tool – hypnosis can also help with:

  • Depression
  • Weight loss
  • Addiction
  • Phobias
  • Chronic pain
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Smoking cessation

The solution to your unwanted behavior may be resting in your subconscious.

As a Certified Hypnotherapist, I can help relieve deep-rooted habits and conditions that are having a negative effect on your life. With my guidance, including life coaching and numerology, you can improve your well-being and live the life you deserve.

Hypnotherapy: How Hypnosis Works

The mind can be thought of as being divided into two parts, the conscious and the subconscious. These two parts are separated by what is referred to as the critical mind. Your critical mind acts as the gatekeeper between the conscious into the subconscious and prevents negative thoughts or unfounded views from entering into your subconscious.

Hypnosis is a little like daydreaming – in fact we all go into a trance-like state a few times a day. Examples include when you’re very focused on the task at hand, when you are driving on long trips (highway hypnosis) or when you are about to fall asleep.

Hypnosis works by temporarily weakening, or I say “softening,” the critical mind and placing a person into a trance-like state. When you are in this trance-like state, suggestions and other information can more easily flow into the subconscious with not too much critical analysis. Hypnotherapists have been using hypnosis within clinical settings to treat everything from pain and anxiety right through to addiction, phobias and a number of other psychological ailments.

Hypnotherapy: Is Hypnosis Safe?

According to the Mayo Clinic, “Hypnotherapy can be an effective method for coping with stress and anxiety. In particular, hypnosis can reduce stress and anxiety before a medical procedure, such as a breast biopsy.” They state that, “When you’re under hypnosis, you usually feel calm and relaxed and are more open to suggestions.”

When performed by a Certified Hypnotherapist, hypnosis is a safe therapy for those who may benefit from changing behaviors. Several sessions may be needed to gain the desired results. It is not recommended for those with severe mental disorders.         

 “I truly believe that the experiences I had with Michele Landers were positive and inspirational.”

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