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Wouldn’t you like to be able to get a better understanding of yourself and make better choices about love, career, money and more? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know your mission and purpose in this lifetime? What if you could gain insight into your future? Well now you can with numerology! Numerology has been used throughout the ages to interpret a person’s characteristics and predict the future. Your name and birth date provide the keys to unlock who you are and what is your life purpose!

The study of numbers and letters and how they influence our lives, is a powerful, yet surprisingly simple and easy method that allows anyone to calculate and understand the important numbers in your life and the lives of others. Your personal blueprint for life is hidden within your name and birth date. It describes why you are who you are, your path for success and any challenges that may be preventing you from achieving your highest potential. Knowledge is power and with Numerology you will gain valuable insight into your life. 

I have programs, products and information that can powerfully assist and support you on your path towards personal and spiritual growth and enlightenment.

 “Michele has a natural gift that coupled with her numerology and life coaching knowledge gives her clients an extra added benefit when she works with them.”

Charmin Moore RN, CC

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Your name and birth date provide the keys to unlock who you are and what is your life purpose.

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All of our Numerology gifts are an analysis of a person’s name and birth date and personally interpreted by Michele Landers.

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The Tao of Numbers is a powerful, informative and insightful tool that provides encouragement and guidance.


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