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I totally enjoyed the Numerology class I took presented by Michele Landers. It was informative, fun and very accurate! Michele has the gift of turning information that could be confusing or tedious into something enjoyable, useful and easy to understand. I look forward to experiencing more of her classes!

Shelli Mott

Living my life in a sense of turmoil, I turned to Michele Landers for guidance. Michele has coached me, and has opened my eyes to many venues and has helped me create a strategy to be able to live my life with intention. Her work has contributed to the tranquility and sense of security in my life.

J. Rojas

I truly believe that the experiences I had with Michele Landers were positive and inspirational. She was a coach in classes for Laws of Attraction. She was organized, knowledgeable and truly connected with each individual in the group. She is an excellent resource and found her truly caring, yet dynamic.

Ellen Kraushar

I’d like to comment on the type of experience I’ve had and how it has impacted my life since I’ve participated in your Law of Attraction classes and your 8 part intensive program designed to accelerate intentions. My experience has been positive, enlightening and exciting. The impact it has had involves gaining a greater awareness of myself. I have a new understanding of aspects and characteristics of myself. I have learned to love and accept myself just as I am. Because of this, I also am developing a love and acceptance for others, just as they are. For this, I am so grateful. I feel I have received a wonderful healing. I now have a better relationship with my Higher Power, others and myself. This has laid the groundwork for continued personal and spiritual growth in my life. I find this very exciting! Thank you so much.


Michele Landers is a dynamic speaker and teacher who inspires and encourages her students to think outside the box. Attending her classes and workshops will always bring you to a new level of awareness and inspire you to live the life of your dreams. Michele makes it easy and fun to see yourself as the creator of your life, and to live it with enthusiasm and joy! I wholeheartedly recommend her classes to anyone who is looking for easy tools and steps to make their lives easier and prosperous and have lots of fun doing it!

Mary Canane, LMHC

I have had the pleasure of working with Michelle for over 2 years now. She has coached me in several areas of my life and has been instrumental in helping me deal with and move forward in these various areas. She was in tune to my needs on a level that I cannot describe. Her skill set goes beyond technique. She has a natural gift that coupled with her numerology and life coaching knowledge gives her clients an extra added benefit when she works with them.

Charmin Moore RN, CC

Life Purpose Institute

Michele’s organization and presentation of materials was very well done. Her classes were fun and enlightening. I couldn’t wait for each week’s class. Michele is an amazing person and is extremely dedicated to sharing her wisdom with others.

Mary Jo Hedrick

Recently in helping my kids to move, I came across  Jillian’s chart that you had done six years before. You are unbelievable! It’s as if you had a very close relationship with her. Thank you!

Cynthia R.

Michele Landers’ readings are not only accurate and insightful but they are delivered in a way that empowers and inspires the recipient.

Linda Oliver

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