Wouldn’t you like to be able to get a better understanding of yourself and make better choices about love, career, money and more? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know your mission and purpose in this lifetime? What if you could gain insight into your future? Well now you can with numerology! Numerology has been used throughout the ages to interpret a person’s characteristics and predict the future. Your name and birth date provide the keys to unlock who you are and what is your life purpose!


For those of you who are a bit skeptical about Numerology and other psychic sciences, I would like to share with you something you may find thought provoking.  A  few years ago when I had debuted the film “Leap” in south Florida, I had the privilege of having lunch with Edgar Mitchell, retired Captain in the United States Navy, NASA astronaut and sixth man on the moon.  You may not have known that Dr. Mitchell had an epiphany on his return voyage from the moon and in his words experienced “an overwhelming sense of universal connectedness.”

Dr.  Mitchell has since founded a cutting edge organization in California called I.O.N.S (Institute of Noetic Sciences) a non-profit organization which does rigorous research into the potentials and powers of consciousness, exploring phenomena that do not necessarily fit conventional scientific models while maintaining a commitment to scientific rigor.

I had the privilege of having lunch with Dr. Mitchell and a few others in late 2010. I asked Dr. Mitchell whether or not things such as Numerology, Astrology, telepathy, telekinesis, remote healing, etc., could be explained by quantum mechanics. He answered simply; “Why yes, of course.”

All our Numerology gifts are an analysis of a person’s name and birth date and personally interpreted by Michele Landers. You will not receive a “cookie cutter” reading. Our gifts are one of a kind and will not be found on any other website or in any store.

If you are seeking a unique gift, choosing one of our personalized numerology charts will please and amaze that special person in your life. Numerology gifts are a wonderful and delightful personalized expression for all ages (including babies)  and occasions that anyone would treasure and enjoy. A Numerology report, laminated or framed chart is a fun, delightful and unforgettable gift!

You can also choose to learn the science of Numerology and  have this amazing knowledge for yourself- and it’s easier than you think. Numerology is much more user friendly than Astrology. The study of numbers and letters and how they influence our lives, is a powerful, yet surprisingly simple and easy method that allows anyone to calculate and understand the important numbers in your life and the lives of others. Your personal blueprint for life is hidden within your name and birth date. It describes why you are who you are, your path for success and any challenges that may be preventing you from achieving your highest potential. Knowledge is power and with Numerology you will gain valuable insight into your life. Contact Michele Landers to learn about her Numerology classes!
Whole Life Model Coaching


Attract a Life You Love! Would you like to experience a more meaningful life and transform your dreams from ideas or wishful thinking into physical reality? What if you had a strategic plan, reliable tools and ongoing support to guide you towards a holistic, joyful and authentic life? What do YOU really want in your life?

  • To conquer fear, doubt and limiting beliefs
  • To discover the authentic you and uncover your true potential and genuine goals
  • To attract more health, wealth and happiness into your life
  • To land the perfect job
  • To move forward in your career
  • Peace of mind
  • Improved health
  • To find Mr. or Mrs. Right
  • To be at your ideal weight
  • To be financially free
  • Less stress
  • More balance

Coaching is the key to unlocking your potential. Coaching can produce dramatic results in a short period of time.
A certified Professional Coach is trained to be an impartial and keen observer of your life and offers you a fresh perspective and new options.
A Coach is a powerful asset who works in partnership with you to move your life or career forward, get you past those bumps (or boulders) in the road and coach you to greater success in any of the important areas of your life – self esteem, relationship, career, physical fitness, spirituality and so much more. Contact Michele Landers and get your life on track to creating all you want out of life. What are YOU waiting for? Call today!




The mind can be best thought of as being divided into two parts, the conscious and the subconscious. These two parts are separated by what is referred to as the ‘critical mind.’
Your critical mind acts as the gatekeeper between the conscious into the subconscious and prevents negative thoughts or unfounded views from entering into your subconscious.


The good news is that you have within you a monitoring system to stop you from doing things that may be harmful (well…most times!). Your conscious mind is responsible for logical, analytical and linear thinking.  Your conscious mind is also responsible for guarding your belief systems which reside in the subconscious. It’s like the guard dog. In order to get new beneficial ideas to be accepted by the inner mind, we have to get past the conscious mind.

The bad news is your conscious mind is second in command and your subconscious mind is the control center captain. It is built upon years of beliefs and habits. Should you entertain any new and radical sounding ideas that might actually help you to evolve and move forward in your life, your subconscious mind might throw up a screen of resistance, simply because it is something brand new and does not fit into any of your pre-conceived belief  brain “files.”


Hypnosis is a little like daydreaming and in fact we all go into a trance like state a few times a day. Examples would be when you’re  very focused on task at hand, it can happen when you are driving, especially on long trips …that’s called HIGHWAY HYPNOSIS… or when you are about to fall asleep.


Hypnosis works by temporarily weakening……or I say “softening” the critical mind and placing a person into a trance like state.  When you are in this trance like state, suggestions and information can more easily flow into the subconscious with not too much critical analysis. Hypnotherapists have been using hypnosis within clinical settings to treat everything from pain and anxiety right through to addiction, phobias and a number of other psychological ailments.


  • Hypnosis cannot make you do anything against your will
  • You will likely feel awake and will hear everything that is said


Past life regression


Journey into your past with a Past Life Regression Hypnosis Session

 Hypnosis is a state of inner absorption, concentration and focused attention.
 Past-life regression (PLR) involves the re-experiencing of a previous lifetime.
The awareness that we have multiple lifetimes, separated by spiritual interludes on the other side, is an accepted theory by many people and even some physicians. Is it possible that we are eternal beings and that life truly never ends?

Why do a Past Life Regression?  There is remarkable evidence that PLR can be helpful in a variety of areas such as:

  • Dealing with issues that have no “rational” cause.
  • Eliminating fears of heights, flying, fear of water, etc
  • Help in healing chronic illnesses

Even if you’re skeptical about past lives, regression therapy through hypnosis can prove to be a physically, emotionally and spiritually healing and rewarding experience.
Dr. Brian Weiss is the author of “Many Lives, Many Masters” and former head of Psychiatry at Mount Sinai Medical Center, Miami.  According to Weiss, in 1980 one of his patients, “Catherine”, began discussing past-life experiences under hypnosis. Weiss did not believe in reincarnation at the time. His skepticism was eroded, however, when she began to channel messages from “the space between lives,” which contained remarkable revelations about Dr. Weiss’s family and his dead son.

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Speaking Engagements and Workshops by Michele Landers


Michele Landers is a talented, entertaining and engaging speaker as she delves into the many different metaphysical studies as well as the subjects of personal empowerment, relationships and spirituality. Michele has a wonderful ability to connect to her audience, encouraging their participation and educating them in an atmosphere of fun, and entertainment. Book Michele Landers for speaking engagements, interviews, and workshops.