“If we don’t change our direction we’re likely to end up where we’re headed.” Chinese Proverb

In order to co-create miracles we often need to confront our old patterns and false securities and break through the resistance that lies in them. To be in a habit or habitual way of thinking is to say we are addicted to a certain way of thinking.  To create differently, we must first think differently.

What happens when you begin to think or behave in a radically different way? When we begin to awaken to the realization that all the beliefs we acquired, all the rules we were taught to live by need to be broken, it is deeply unsettling and sends the mind spiraling into chaos.

This, of course, leads to subconscious resistance which shows up something like this:

  • “I’ll start tomorrow”
  • “This stuff doesn’t work!”
  • “I’m not sure about this anyway.”

And it is during this critical period of resistance that we often give up hope and fall right back into our old habit patterns and false securities. And that is why so few people make this incredible journey into conscious co-creation of Miracles… and liberation.

If we are to reprogram our subconscious beliefs then we must be committed to moving past the fear, past the resistance and past the insecurities and trust that we will emerge victorious.

So today, begin to think about these ideas and how they fit into your life. As you go deeper you’ll be well on your way to the experience of a miraculous and conscious co-creator!