Some people really loved to be scared. Sensation seeking, “fans of fright” get an adrenaline rush from scary things, like horror flicks and death defying roller coasters (That would not be me). Other people are simply scared and have no idea how to overcome their fears.

I like what comedienne Kathleen Madigan says: “I’m not afraid of Vampires. Nope, not at all. A Vampire can walk into my room in the middle of the night and I would be like, yeah, what do you want? But I’ll tell you what does scare me… this big black mole on my arm.”

We are all born with different temperaments that contribute to our perception of fear. Maybe we started out as thrill seekers or simply enthusiastic, curiosity driven adventurers and then somewhere along the way, life experiences changed not only what scares us… but guess what… what inspires us. Usually around middle age, the reality of our immortality begins to set. By that time we’ve accumulated years of personal experiences, observed other’s experiences and have likely exaggerated the dreadful possibilities of “what could” happen. But here’s an interesting statistic: Most of our general fears never happen. Insurance companies know this and that’s why they make so much money on the gazillion types of insurance policies they sell, running the gamut from “Cold feet insurance” ( your betrothed backs out of the wedding) to Alien abduction insurance ( Uh huh, no kidding).
On the flip side, here’s another little nugget of useful information: If you spend most of your time worrying and in fear about “what could happen,” then those little eaves droppers; your cells and the Universe will respond in accordance with your thoughts and “give you something to worry about” and I know you don’t want that!

“Living with fear stops us taking risks, and if you don’t go out on the branch, you’re never going to get the best fruit.” —Sarah Parish

There are other types of subtle fears, holed up and hiding deep within your subconscious. These cleverly disguised fears are the most devastating. When they are the key holders to your emotional headquarters, you’re running on low grade, low- level anxiety- ridden, and worry- filled fuel. It clouds your vision and pops a pin in your balloon of enthusiastic and inspired ideas. These fears are ready to strike whenever you have an idea to do something different… or brilliant and amazing!

In my practice, in my workshops, at speaking engagements, in my writings, my bottom line message to everyone is this: You were born here with a special purpose. Yes, yes you were. Your job here on this planet is twofold: Number one: Discover your passion and your purpose (Yes, I coach people on this) Number two: When you do discover this all important and miraculous gift, it is your job to share your talent, your gift with the world. Wouldn’t there be a lot less fear, anxiety and problems in this world if we were all doing what we were meant to and what we love to do? Of course! If you want to live in alignment with your purpose and passion, purpose. What’s the difference between them and you? Nothing, except perhaps …your mind set. If you sincerely want to overcome your fears, you have to confront them, challenge them and take back your control.

Three Tips to Overcome Your Fears:

1: Name your fears and invite them in. Your fears reside in the shadows. Acknowledging them and coaxing them into the light will lessen their impact. (I would be happy to share my meditation: “Journey to Awakening” about meeting your subconscious. Just email me at
2: Have an open dialogue with your fears: They have a voice and want to be heard! Listen intently. Don’t hate your fears– they really thought they were keeping you safe.
3: Gently challenge your fears: Are your fears (and beliefs) 100% accurate? How can you be sure? Are they your voice… or someone else’s voice from your past?
They key to uncovering and conquering your fears is to be courageous enough to keep asking questions to uncover and remove its roots and then to plant the seeds of your most joy filled life!

Live Miraculously,

Michele Landers is a Board Certified Life Purpose Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist and professional Numerologist. Her passion is helping others uncover their passion, their purpose and their own unique talents. Michele is the author of The Tao of Numbers and The Year of Living Miraculously. She can often be seen throughout the year on WPTV’s “Today’s 5 at 11:00” with John Favole.