The word “co-creation” is a staple of many of my writings. Many people ask me this question – “What is the difference between creating and co-creating?”

Well, the simple answer is, “creating” implies a singular activity and “co-creation” is in partnership. Make sense? Okay, you want something more defined and with more depth. Another layer to this question might be…. in co-creation with whom?

Here we are hanging out in this quantum soup and simmering along with everything else that exists in the universe. And soup is a good analogy. In soup, the carrot sees itself separate from the celery that sees itself separate from the leek and so on. And similar to the expression, “guilty by association,” the carrot, celery and leek, although each having their distinct flavors, co create – by association – something we call soup.

In reality everything that we create individually is a co-creation with the universe. We often say we are inspired to create a piece of music, a painting or maybe a new recipe. But where do these creative inspirations come from? Deepak Chopra says that what we believe is created in our “personal” mind isn’t really happening there at all, but, rather, is created in what is referred to as the universal mind.

Have you ever noticed that ideas for new products, books, and even movies seem to come in multiples? Could it be that we receive inspiration to create from the universal mind, or what physicists refer to as the “non-local” mind? Lynne McTaggart believes this mind field links individual minds to form a kind of “web of consciousness”. Within this web of consciousness, all minds are connected and therefore able to “communicate” which often leads to the co-creation of similar, if not identical, ideas occurring at the same time.

Think about the Law of Attraction and how nicely it fits into this web of consciousness belief.

Let’s say you have an idea to create a resource business that will help thousands of people. Great idea! You gather the information needed to create your dream. You create a plan and then you tap into this web of consciousness and you set about attracting who and what you need in order to co-create with the universe your dream. And voila! People, places and things start showing up in your life to turn your dream from “idea” into manifestation on the physical plane. Pretty neat, huh? How great is it that we have the support of this universal intelligence – a universe that conspires for us so we can co-create a truly miraculous life!

So today, think of your wildest dream… come on, don’t be shy. Then ask the universe to show up and show you the magical and miraculous world of co-creation. Let me know what happens!