Recently, I did an interview about the Numerological forces at work this year. This year is not going to be easy, however, it
will be way better than 2020. Here are the Numerology insights and Your Free Numerology for February!

I will say the “isolation” energy of the year will slowly wind down and although it may not be as quick as we would like it
to be, we are heading towards recovery. So, you might think “well that’s no surprise” but when the numbers back up what the general perception is, it’s a good day for this Numerologist!

As a result of my numerology calculations, I’ve found that The United States is under the deeply spiritual number 7. The Vibration for the world is the number 5. Some of the aspects of the 7 Year Vibration for the USA are:

•It is a time of healing. It is a time of patience We will experience more calmness

•More people will turn to spirituality or religion and people will report more psychic experiences.

•It is a time when we will reexamine and make decisions that are aimed at important issues that concern us.

•Education- both formal and informal will be an important part of the year. More people will be educated and trained for new types of jobs.

•It is also a secretive vibration, so I would think that this means we will hear of scandals and also that things are working beneath the surface and will eventually come to light.

•It is a time of out of the ordinary or “unusual” events taking place.

•Research will reveal very interesting and unusual findings. In fact, it is a big year for research and new discoveries.

•The Stock market is under some kind of weird energy. I don’t believe it’s going to crash, but I do believe that there are some wild things that will happen on Wall Street. On another note, stocks that have to do with research should do well. This is the first time I’ve checked out the numerological vibrations for the stock market, so we’ll see about all this!

February is a month of endings for the USA and March is a month of new beginnings, so I’m feeling positive about this month and the next. It can mean that the number of Covid infections goes way down (endings) and in March, there is more confidence and a feeling of new beginnings on the horizon.

All in all, it will be a year of ups and downs with some huge swings, but the end of the year should close with a lot more stability

Personally, I’m in a 2 Year. The energy of a 2 year is very closely aligned to the energy of a 7 year. Both of these energies require one to slooowww down. The year also has a lot to do with female energy, both very positive and very challenging.

For me, this new year started off with a bang and an “almost” confrontation with a woman but guess what? I was neither surprised nor thrown off my axis. I just thought “well ok, it’s just the 2 year and the lesson from the universe through challenging women and testing my patience.” As a result just  having this knowledge “lessens” the lessons.

The great news for my 2 year is that I will likely form new alliances with some wonderful women and believe it or not, I think there is the strong probability that I will (drum roll) have a date or two!

In anyone’s chart there are many numerological aspects at work, but it always nice to take a peek at one or two of the aspects. If you would like to know your Personal Month vibrations for February, based on your Personal Year number, click the link below. You only have to calculate your Personal year number (which I explain how to do) and I do the rest!

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