Bringing Calm to Chaos- What Can We Do Right Now?
How do we remain focused and calm in the midst of chaos?  Certainly, there are many good suggestions you can implement in your life right now to help you navigate through these turbulent times. Before I list tips to lessen anxiety, let me remind you of the adage “this too shall pass.” And it will.

While some say this is an “introvert’s dream” during this important social distancing period, we need to remember the distress that we are collectively going though is more complex because we have lost, for the most part, the ability to touch one another.

Physical touch is powerful and releases oxytocin, the “love hormone.” Although we can’t “reach out and touch someone” we can reach out via phone, zoom, messaging, text. You can hug your pet, a stuffed animal or even a tree. Historically, connection to one another is necessary for survival. Hopefully this experience will burn deep in our souls and in our minds on how much we really do need one another.                                                                               

    10 Tips to Lessen Anxiety

  1. First Thing in The Morning: Do not ck your emails or FB. Avoid checking the news / social media first thing in the morning. Instead, read an inspirational passage or meditate. I promise you this will set a positive tone for the day
  2. Do Something Creative: Read, paint, draw, sing, dance, cook. Find something that inspires you!
  3. Meditate: There are plenty of free meditations on the internet. Either guided or with music only.                                                                           
  4. Listen to Classical Music: It is calming and good for the soul: Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Debussy, Vivaldi. It does your body and mind good!       
  5. Workout: via YouTube or just some simple stretching
  6.  Learn a New Skill: Many colleges and other schools are offering some of their classes for free online
  7.  Gratitude Journaling: What are you grateful for? I could list a dozen prompts for you, but I’m certain you can do this on your own!
  8. Laugh: Watch funny movies, sitcoms, comedians. My favorites are Sebastian Maniscalco, Kathleen Madigan, Jim Gaffigan. Norman Cousins cured his illness by consistently watching funny movies.
  9.  Positive Thinking: This does not mean to live in Lala land (Although I would take a break there, now and then!) It just means knowing that this is temporary, and we will get through it, and who knows what good will come of this? Have faith and belief. Here’s another idea: Go wild and write a story of how you imagine your best life!
  10. If Necessary, Get Professional Help: I realize that many people may need some additional professional support right now. I’m offering free 15-minute consults or a reduced rate for a full session. Click here for a free 15 minute session:

In Conclusion: Let’s not forget about those who live alone, are in isolation and those who are in nursing homes or other facilities. Get in touch with them in any way you can to let them know you care.

Life is really miraculous, in all its cycles, even when some of those cycles are challenging. When you have a plan to acknowledge your feelings (you can refer to my previous article about the five stages of grief), as well as a plan to guide you through challenging times, you’ll find that you are actually engaging in self-care, which is very important during times that bring about intense emotions. Never forget that YOU are a miracle too.
Stay Safe and Live Miraculously,