Thankful…When I lived in the northeast, I loved Autumn. My favorite haunts were Princeton & New Hope for lazy afternoons of antique shopping and lunching at cozy outdoor restaurants. On the way home we would often stop at Delicious Orchards, a farm and country food market in Colts Neck, New Jersey for amazing desserts and other delights for holidays, like Thanksgiving.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I love the idea of having an entire day dedicated to one simple virtue, gratitude. To quote Cicero“Gratitude is the greatest of virtues, and the parent of all the others.”  I also love the idea that millions of other people are also having thoughts of gratitude on Thanksgiving and I like to believe this positive group energy has to have an uplifting effect sending waves of gratitude and love throughout the country and the world.

“But, you might be asking, how can I be thankful when…” I get itIt has been one hell of a year so far and what we thought, or what we hoped and prayed for, that this pandemic would end by now, hasn’t. Our world has been turned upside down with chaos reigning supreme. It’s a roller coaster, scary, nail- biting time. And the fallout is just as scary. Lost jobs, illness and even death has taken its toll. More people are experiencing feelings of distress and worry. And for those with any inclination towards addictions, this pressure has had devastating effects. 

It all sounds so horribly grim and yet… just maybe …we can say, as the song goes; “It’s the end of the world as we know it… and I feel fine.” Wait… WHAT? Yes, in life, all problems, all challenges grant us the opportunity to do and create something different, something better.

I could write about some really horrific experiences that have happened to people that I personally know, who have taken their tragedy and turned it into something beautiful and meaningful for others, but for now, let’s take a look at how this pandemic has changed us, and the world for the better. 

Mother Earth is Healing: We’ve been saying for a long time that Mother Earth is very unhappy with our mistreatment of her (and our) precious : home. And now, less cars, boats and planes has resulted in less air pollution. Take for example India, reportedly one of the most polluted places in the world, and now: For the first time in decades, the air is so clean in parts of India you can actually see the Himalayan mountains. In Venice, the waterways which are usually cloudy with sediment from all the boats passing through, are now clear too.

Families are Bonding Together: I remember at the onset of Covid 19 and the realization that many people would be homebound…together… all day, every day was a less than enthusiastic proposition for many. You know the old saying “familiarity breeds contempt.” That might be the case for some, but overall, not so. I hear it from many of my clients that they’re surprised at how they’ve adjusted and really enjoy being with family members. Eating dinner together, family game time, sharing feelings, all have contributed to deeper, more loving connections.

“Be grateful for the things you’ve gotten that you wanted, and grateful for those things that you didn’t get, that you didn’t want”

Our Perspective Has Changed: Our “new normal” has presented us with the opportunity to have a mind shift. For most of us, we’ve had to s..l..o..w down. We are more cognizant of what is really important in our lives. People are more appreciative of the simple things they took for granted. Now, as never before we understand the idea that “we are all in this together” and we might be wondering what positive contributions we can make to the world? Many people are now considering lifestyle and career changes that are healthier physically, emotionally and spiritually.

More Appreciation of First Responders and Essential Workers: Medical staff and first responders are our new heroes. These courageous souls are risking their lives every day to save ours. How humbling. And what about those workers that we normally do not acknowledge as being grateful for; supermarket workers, delivery drivers, post office workers and such? When you realize they keep store shelves stocked, deliver your mail, deliver your groceries, clean your house, wash your car and take care of so many other services, I bet you’re pretty darn thankful. Who doesn’t love to see that Amazon truck pull up?

Animals have more room to roam (and do other things!): In Oakland, California, wild turkeys were seen playing tag in a schoolyard as children are taking lessons from home. In the Welsh town of Llandudno, a herd of wild mountain goats had their fun while villagers watched from their windows. And… who knew a vacant zoo could be so arousing? After more than a decade of trying to coax pandas Ying Ying and Le Le to mate, the pair, located at a Hong Kong zoo in Ocean Park, have finally consummated their relationship — possibly thanks to a lack of ogling voyeurs.

And for those who have family or friends who’ve had Covid there is still room for gratitude.  “You’re grateful your family or friend survived, and if they didn’t survive… you’re grateful to have known and loved them.”  All of this means we have the opportunity to look at this experience and be very thankful this Thanksgiving for the lessons we’ve learned, the positive changes to our planet and grateful for our families and the people who share their skills, time and love with us.

I also want to take a moment to thank all of you for your support over the years and for the many thoughtful and kind words with which you have graced me. I am honored.

Wishing You A Blessed Thanksgiving,

Live Miraculously,

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