This is my blog about A Year of Living Miraculously… and I guess I should start -as they say in The Wizard of Oz – at the beginning…..

In 2006 our accountant of 10 years, somehow ‘forgot’ to file our 2005 taxes. I’d say that’s a pretty big deal. But what made this an even bigger deal is that in 2005 we had just received a large down payment from the sale of our business.

Now, I know this may sound shocking, but the IRS isn’t fond of people who don’t file their taxes…. especially when you owe them a whoooole lot of money. I found out that our taxes hadn’t been filed when I received a letter from the IRS in 2008 informing me that they were about to levy our property if we didn’t pay the taxes we owed …plus another $22,000.00 — just in penalties.

So, after I was resuscitated, I called our accountant. For over a year he wrote letter after letter to the IRS asking for an abatement of our penalties……and every single letter was rejected. Finally D day came; Monday, June 22, 2009. On that day, all extensions would end and payment was due. On June 19th the Friday before the due date I called the IRS to plead my case….one last time.

The IRS agent was cool and indifferent to my pleas. To the point she said; “there would be no more extensions, the deadline was Monday and “how would I like to make the payment? In full or would I be making payment arrangements?” Momentarily silent I inhaled deeply and said hesitantly; “I’d like to call back on Monday.” Now the agent was momentarily silent. She clearly sounded confused when she asked me, “Well, I’m just curious, why wait until Monday? What do you expect to happen between now and Monday?” Again, I inhaled deeply. And almost in a whisper I replied with more of a question than a statement “A Miracle?” Now there was dead silence.

After what seemed like an eternity the agent, whose tone had softened, asked me, “You believe in Miracles?” “Yes…yes I do” I said. And to that statement the agent miraculously responded, “Honey, you’re talking my language.” And yes, of course I was blown away and in that moment I knew everything had changed and I had just entered the “Miracle Zone.”

With enthusiasm the IRS agent instructed me to immediately write directly to the IRS. She then gave me what she said she couldn’t give me before…a 60 day extension. Her ending statement was, “If you believe in miracles honey, I can believe in them for you too.” I wrote my letter to the IRS. Then I took my voluminous IRS folder and pasted angel stickers all over the file. I visualized angels visiting the IRS agents – telling them that they really should abate the penalty. I did this for about six weeks (along with sleeping with the folder under my pillow!) Well…I’m sure you’ve guessed the outcome. The IRS abated all but $2,000 of the penalties.

This is just one of the many miraculous experiences I’ve had, but let’s get to the $64,000 question. How do we do this – how do we live more harmoniously within the laws of nature to become conscious co creators of our lives and of miracles?

Isn’t that a Great question? Well, I have an answer… and a plan.

My book, “A Year of Living Miraculously” is an 11-step 21-day strategic plan that I’ve been working on for many years. And I promise you – I guarantee you – that if you follow my plan you’ll discover your power to become a conscious co-creator of miracles in your life. And how miraculous is that?