Open heart 1If you had to create an image of February you would, most likely, conjure up visions of hearts and flowers, love and lovers. And although my first instinctive response was to naturally write about couples in relationship, something (spirit?) urged me to reach further and higher.

Following my “heart” I researched February and found that the name originates from the Latin word februa, “to cleanse.” Februalia signified the festivals of purification celebrated in Rome during this month. And what, dear reader, is more beautiful that a pure heart?  A pure heart has no hypocrisy, no judgments, no hidden agendas.

“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion.
If you want to be happy, practice compassion.”

                                                 – Dalai Lama

I know from the conversations I have with my clients that many people are being challenged on so many levels these days and the word I hear most often is “transition.”  It’s easy to get so distracted with all our to-do’s that our lives and our vision can become myopic, and we have little time for what is most important.

And what is most important? In my opinion, it is to live with a pure and open, compassionate heart. A pure heart is the doorway to the divine.  A pure heart is marked by the uncompromising desire to serve the greater good. What’s more, a pure and compassionate heart is a beautiful model which helps shape compassionate behavior in our children.

We know that as we give, we receive and the benefits of heart based living are many. And what’s more – when we empty ourselves of our own problems to serve another, we allow the universe to more clearly communicate to us the next right thing to do in our own lives.  But you already knew that, didn’t you?

There are so many ways to open your heart in meaningful action and that you can incorporate into your everyday life. Here is another way  with a visualization that I created to open my heart and how to create miracles in your life.

“Open My Heart – Visualization” *

 Place your right hand over your heart, breathing in and out deeply. Imagine a beautiful pink bubble of light surrounding you. Slowly, mentally say the words “OPEN MY HEART” three times.  As you say these words feel a rush of gratitude and love fill your heart and your entire body. Now imagine that in front of appears someone whom you love very much, whether that person is alive or someone who has passed on. Look deeply into their eyes and feel the connection, spirit to spirit.  Say the words “OPEN MY HEART” 3 times, sending them so much love, so much healing and gratitude from your heart to theirs. Your hearts are now in coherence. Notice how beautiful it feels to do this.

Now imagine that another person has appeared in front of you. This is someone whom you’ve have had or have feelings of disappointment or anger or resentment towards.  They are standing there not saying a word but you notice they seem somehow softer. Look deep into their eyes and imagine that you can see or feel the pure energy of their spirit that resides within them…not their personality….only their spirit.  Now Say the words, “OPEN MY HEART” three times, sending them so much love, healing and gratitude from your heart to theirs in the form of a beautiful pink light.  Notice how beautiful it feels to do this. And then you notice that amazingly, this light is now coming back to you from their heart to yours. Your hearts are now in coherence and you are overwhelmed with feelings of love and gratitude and humbleness. In this state you are at peace, you are one with the world and you can bring healing to anyone or anything!




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