Well, here it is again. The New Year. We like “New” years don’t we? Especially if the old one..well… to put it nicely….sucked. Of course nothing can suck, unless we say so.

My focus; you might even say  my story (we all have a “story” you know) for the past few years has been how to tap into your ability to co create a miraculous life. Or as my 7 year old granddaughter recently so brilliantly put it “how the impossible can become possible….” Yeah, honest, that’s what she said. I know, I know, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, well….at least I’d like to believe so.

I’ve been noticing lately that “Miracles” have kinda – sorta been Oprah’s story too. You think she’s been reading my blogs?  Actually, I’m not surprised at all because I know that these things are in the ethers for anyone’s taking long before they become manifest on the physical plane.

It’s called inspiration and although we most commonly associate it with all forms of art and music the truth is we often feel inspired not just to create but to go somewhere, pick up a book, take a different route to work or call someone. It’s paying attention to these inspired clues that leads to Miraculous living.

Yesterday, I was talking with my friend Mary about inspiration. Mary is also a therapist and we were discussing some of the ways to allow inspiration and the miraculous to manifest in your life. Overall, we agreed that it involves paying attention to the signs and symbols that continuously show up for us that will lead us to the Miraculous.

But how do you get into the state of paying attention? The first as always is to have a good daily meditation practice. I can’t and won’t stop stressing how vital this is and how meditation is an all important first step in developing your spiritual “chops.” If you are meditating regularly you can be certain that you will be more centered and calm and therefore open to receiving messages and seeing the signs and symbols that inspire you to go, do, or create.

This lead us into a discussion of allowing things to happen as opposed to trying to make things happen. This is where things can get sticky and may seem like a bit of a paradox. “Allowing” seems much more passive and to some may imply non-action.

I work and play amongst an array of powerful, fun and inspirational women. When we get together, things happen – great things, creative things and inspired things. We like to “make things happen.” You might even say we are…ahem… controlling. So the dilemma it seems, is how to take all this creative energy, put it into action, not control it and allow the Miraculous process to happen.  If you are a little confused, don’t worry, I started falling off the edge as I was writing this.

Ok… back on track. There is really a very simple answer to this whole question of action/controlling/allowing. So simple that you’ll probably laugh when you hear it.  I borrowed it from a 12 step –program and it goes like this; Make plans, but don’t plan results.”  Didn’t I say it was simple?

So this is how it goes; first, get into a good daily meditation practice. By the way, how do you know your meditation practices are effective? The list is long, but let’s just say you’ll  feel centered and not tossed about by this crazy external world…or your boss…or kids…or spouse. You’ll also laugh a lot more.

Second, pay attention to what is showing up in your life. Third, follow through with action on your hunches or inspiration. And fourth, let go of the reigns and how you think the results should look. Then be patient. If you do this, then something extraordinary will happen. You will be in the Universal flow of life where miracles abound.

As an afterthought, I realized that this whole meditation thing has some people feeling perplexed. If I’ve heard it once I’ve heard it a thousand times; “I can’t sit still long enough to meditate.”  “My mind’s too busy.” “I can’t stop the monkey-mind chatter.”

I am intimately familiar with this dilemma and yet I have managed to develop a daily meditation practice and often have very profound experiences.I will make this suggestion if you have a problem turning off the mind chatter; get a good guided meditation.  This way you’re listening to someone else’s voice, not your own telling you how bad you are at meditating or how you forgot to get dog food, etc,.

Honestly, there are so many great meditation CD’s out there. A field trip to Barnes & Noble would give you the opportunity to try some on for size. One CD I really love is Deepak Chopra’s The Soul of Healing Meditation. Also check out Andrew Weil, Wayne Dyer and for music only, Steven Halpern is always good. And since I’m making suggestions a program that I’ve experienced and found to be extraordinarily beneficial is the Silva Method which has been around for years. (www.silvamethod.com)

One more thing I would like to comment on. If you haven’t heard or seen the story about Ted Williams, homeless man with the golden voice please check out:

Ted Williams, Homeless man with Golden voice

In one day, or as I like to say; “in a New York minute,”  Ted’s entire life miraculously changed.

Believe in Miracles!

Abundant Blessings,