“What I thought was unreal now, for me, seems in some ways to be more real than what I think to be real, which seems now to be unreal” Fred Alan Wolf

This slightly cryptic quote from Dr. Wolf simply means to look outside the box of your perceived reality and disconnect from the world you see with your eyes. The reason miracles seem unobtainable to so many people is because they are considered to be “unreal” while the circumstances of everyday life are accepted as “real.” When you are living miraculously, reality and unreality switch places.

Disconnecting from the external world is an “undoing” of what we’ve been taught to believe. We have to disconnect from the world we see with our eyes (the world of illusion) and reconnect to the world behind our eyes (the world of our intuition). If you believed only what your senses told you then you would believe that the world is flat and not this huge sphere. You would believe that we are stationery and not spinning at dizzying speeds throughout space.

And herein lays our challenge: to defy what we have been told to believe about the world for most of our life and what our eyes so convincingly tells us is real and rely instead on the clear vision and higher intelligence of our soul.

When you’re living miraculously,  you don’t believe everything you think.

We have this curious habit of believing what we think. And really what are our beliefs ? Beliefs are our assumed truths; we create beliefs in order to anchor our perceptions and what we understand about our world.

Our beliefs are so strong and deeply rooted that they form a screen or lens through which we see the world. Even if they are completely incongruent with reality it doesn’t matter, because we will edit out anything that is not consistent with what we believe to be true about our lives. When you begin to question your beliefs and where they came from, you begin opening the door to miracles.