The World is changing at lightning speed. We know this and since everything is our mirror, I wonder how many of us are reflecting this change internally? Are we embracing new ways of doing, seeing and being in our world or is it the same old, same old?

Are we waiting for our lives to change and does the word “when” show up frequently in our vocabulary? Most importantly are we simply behaving as if we are a bystander of our own life?

A question I often ask my clients is where they were five years ago financially, spiritually, emotionally & physically. If the answer is “about the same,” I will then ask “would you be content to be in the same place five years from now?”

We know we want things to be different, yet initiating change is by far one of the most challenging aspects to conquer. And without it, we just don’t grow. We may make all sorts of excuses and they usually boil down to one thing; fear.  Fear decoded; “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.”

It’s doubtful that we will allow things to be different if we hold on like a pit bull to our old outworn, beliefs.

We have arrived at this incredible place in time when the words “anything is possible” means more than just a casual comment uttered  off handedly when you don’t know what else to say. Just search online and you will find amazing scientific discoveries that will blow your mind.

My favorite is the Theory of Quantum Entanglement. In simple terms, (which is basically the only way I understand it) it means that two things…ok, electrons… can be in two separate places, yet if you jiggle one, the other one will jiggle too, which also means that we’re all intrinsically linked — to the people we love and admire and even the ones we (occasionally) judge and dislike.

This is just one example. Ok, here’s another and although it pales in comparison, it is none the less quite amazing:

Manel Torres, a Spanish fashion designer joined forces with scientists at Imperial College London to invent the world’s first spray-on clothing which forms a seamless fabric on contact with the body and that can be worn, washed and worn again.” You can check out the video at:

And then there’s Richard Branson. (Catch his biography if you can… you will be inspired!) Branson is filled to the brim with life energy. A flamboyant British entrepreneur and founder of the famous Virgin brand, Branson started a student magazine at 16 and went on to form a record company, airline and numerous other businesses despite the objections (sometimes from his own company) and challenges he had to endure.

Do you think that these amazing discoveries and businesses were created by people who were linear, sequential thinkers? Don’t think so. I think they all bid farewells to their “Tribe” and consequently any limiting Tribal beliefs and were determined to follow the heart and soul of their life.

So… here we are, wanting to experience life in a big way, yet living small. We pay a lot of lip service to all the new age jargon and week after week, large groups, small groups gather and talk each other “up,” (God bless us) yet how many of us take the quantum leap and actually go for broke with our brilliant ideas and extraordinary imaginings?

How do we break out of our straw prisons? What would it take to live our life with miracles as an everyday experience?

I think the solution is so simple and yet we avoid the obvious. As ridiculous as it sounds, I think the answer was in a Seinfeld episode many years ago. Do you remember the one where George discovers that he could have everything he wants just by doing the opposite of what he’s always done?

When George, unknowingly or otherwise, took a leap of faith and did things in direct opposition to how he normally would he began attracting all the things that he wanted- the girl, a top position with the NY Yankees and more.

It was a great comedic episode, yet therein lies the truth that we’ve heard repeatedly. Drum roll please; “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten”

So, today step away from your Tribe. Take a leap of faith, take a chance, go for the gold, believe in your dreams, believe in yourself, and create your Miraculous life.  If George could do it, so can you!