I’m gearing up for 2014 to be a spectacular and miraculous year and interestingly I’m hearing that from my friends and acquaintances too. So what gives?

Well first of all I think we’ve all had it with the countless challenges we’ve been experiencing and  we’ve pretty much decided we’ve had enough of this ridiculousness. Secondly, since we’re all connected energetically I believe we’ve made a group decision to move forward. That’s just one of the interesting things about how energy operates.

You’ve probably heard the expression “critical mass” or “tipping point” or even the 100th Monkey Syndrome. In this case when enough people have a changed perception, a “tipping point” occurs where that perception spreads epidemically creating a group consciousness of the same mindset.

What I’m intending this year  is that more and more people start believing in their ability to co create and experience real life miracles and make 2014 their “Year of Living Miraculously.”

Your question may be how do you become a conscious co creator of miracles in your life? I’m glad you asked that question!

I’ll be frank, becoming a conscious co creator of miracles in your life is neither simple nor easy and yet the irony is once you “get it” your own internal tipping point occurs and co creating miracles does become simpler and easier.

Ponder these words of Saint Augustine: “Miracles are not contrary to nature, but only contrary to what we know about nature.” I repeat this over and over again because it is the key to our ability to co create the miraculous.

In order for us to consciously create miracles in our life takes a huge shift in our perceptions of how we see ourselves, others, our world, the universe. And that shift is usually 180 degrees from where we are now.

It’s a step by step process that I’ve outlined in my book “the Year of Living Miraculously.” It has produced miracles for me and it can for you too. As I mentioned before, becoming a conscious co creator of miracles in your life is neither simple nor easy, however when that “aha” moment occurs (and it will!) your whole world will open up to all the possibilities you’ve ever dreamed of!

Here are some tips to get you on the miracle making highway. Sorry, it’s not the fast lane.

#1- Meditate, meditate and meditate. St Francis de Sales said that a half hour’s meditation every day is essential, except when you are very busy…… then a full hour is needed. This is your foundation, where you got to hear inspiration and also to attune you  energetically to step out of physical reality and into quantum reality where the possibilities for miracles exist.

#2- Go on an emotional and spiritual archaeological dig to uncover your beliefs: Your deeply hidden and often contradictory and sabotaging beliefs. Challenge them with the question “from where did these beliefs originate?”

#3: Let go of your self-righteous need to be right. Let go of resentments. Let go of your need to control.

The motivating idea behind these tips and the steps in “A year of Living Miraculously” is to clean up and clear out the debris that stands between you and your Divine connection to the Universe, God, higher power or whatever term you use for the creative force that gave rise to all that is living.
If you would like to learn more about the Living Miraculously program and would like a copy of all the steps, email me at: michelelanders@bellsouth.net and put “11 Steps” in the subject line.


Live Miraculously!