A Little Euphoric Recall……
If any of you are old enough, you might remember Timothy Leary. Born Oct 22, 1920 Leary was a psychologist, writer and ex-Harvard Professor who triggered the psychedelic movement of the 60’s. He coined the phrase: “Turn on — Tune in –Drop out.” To the hippies of that era, he was a guru. To the more conservative crowd, he was just plain nuts. Then the hippies grew up got regular jobs, starting paying taxes and then they thought he was nuts too.

I think Timothy Leary was right. Not necessarily the part about taking mind altering drugs, well, maybe …..(No.. just kidding) but the essence of his message was totally “right on.” In order for us to experience the Miraculous, we do have to Turn On, Tune In and Drop Out. A bit removed from what Timothy Learly espoused ( well, maybe not too much) here’s my interpretation of this counterculture phrase and your ability to become a co creator of miracles in your life.

Turn On…your internal neon sign that says “I believe in Miracles.” Picture it flashing away in any color you choose! Turn on your internal radio dial to call letters WBIM “Believe in Miracles” and don;t tocuh that dial! If you keep flipping the stations from doubt to fear to anger you’re getting and giving exactly that; mixed signals (and attracting doubt and fear and anger). Remembering to keep your dial stationary keeps your Miracle signal clear and strong.

Tune In…..to your intution. You intution is a natural born miracle maker. It knows who, what, where and how your next miracle will manifest. So you have your internal radio station set to WBIM. Great! But if you’re not listening …well?? Hearing your intuition speak to you in Miracle language can come of course, at any time. However, learning how to hear it and more importantly hearing it VERY LOUD and clear takes…..ok, you know what I’m going to say, right? “Meditation.”

Drop Out…… of the external world. Disconnecting from the external world is the act of re-evaluating and even discarding what we’ve been taught to believe. In order to become miracle makers we have to disconnect from the world we see with our eyes (the world of illusion) and reconnect to the world behind our eyes which is of course, the world of our intuition & the seedling – ground of the miraculous.

Think about this; if you believed only what your senses told you then you would believe that the world is flat and not this huge sphere. You would believe that we are stationery and not spinning at dizzying speeds throughout space. So can we really believe what our eyes tell us?

Kahil Gibran said; “Be in this world but not of it.” Smart guy! And yes, I know, easier said than done. But you can do it… I know you can, because I believe miracles…. and I believe in you!