“Be Content with what you have; rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.’ Lao Tzu

It seems we are always searching for ways to improve upon ourselves. We fill our minds with as many books, seminars, workshops, CD’s. movies, lectures, radio & TV shows, programs, blogs and more to overflowing. We exercise and eat the right foods to strengthen our body, practice meditation to quiet our mind and yoga to nourish mind, body and soul.

We choose our friends with care in the hopes that they are resonating at our same energy level. We are on an eternal quest to live right and up to our potential, to progress, enhance, develop, expand and perfect ourselves. We go on mind expanding retreats, self help conferences, have our charts and aura’s read, wear jewelry to raise our energy level and maybe a colonic or two to clear out the toxins. By god, it’s exhausting!

Don’t get me wrong I don’t mean to infer that any of these therapies are wrong, it’s just that we can become so attached and obsessed to the outcome that we behave like rats on a treadmill, never stopping to feel what has real meaning  for us and certainly not discerning what is calling to our soul.

Like our upside-down external world, we sometimes approach the spiritual the same way and do things from the outside in, not the inside out.

You may say, “hey, wait a minute, that’s why I’m doing all this, to find the real me.” I hear ya! I’ve been on a lifetime quest myself and yet it occurred to me that if I could really hear the truth of the words “I’m already perfect” I would see, hear and do things much differently.

If my motivation is to be reminded that I’m already perfect and not out of neediness to make myself into something I think I’m not, I would be moved to certain activities and experiences out of a calling to remember who I really am and not out of a desperation to fix what I’m not.

Can you see the difference? And what a relief to stop the frantic “if only I” and “when I.”

If our only goal is to remember who we really are, there is much less striving to do, to have or to even change. No desire to compare yourself with others and no feelings of lack.

We stop chasing the illusion of perfection and acknowledge we are perfection.

This concept can be hard to accept, but this is only when we are see everything and everyone from the little ”i” or ego. The ego, aka the personality exists only by comparison. It only knows “I’m better than, I’m worse than” and the ego would die if it didn’t have something to battle with.

The big “I” or the I AM knows it is all ok, that we are always lead to the right people and experiences. We can do this with a lot less angst when we allow ourselves to just be. What freedom! You can be passionate and really enjoy the things you love and take the pressure off of having to do one more thing that you feel you “should” do. Did I just hear a big sigh of relief? I hope so!

So today, do something you’re really, really called to do and don’t hesitate. Maybe you’re called to sign up for that anthropology course, maybe it’s to go off and read a really racy novel or maybe it’s to eat that piece of rich, deeply dark and heavenly chocolate that you know is calling your name… ok, I mean my name.