Being a parent is not something to take lightly. There are numerous reasons why educated and positive parenting is so important. The most obvious reasons are simply because we want our children to become well-adjusted, happy, successful and self confident adults. Not so obvious is the fact that how you raise your child or children has a ripple affect across the entire nation. We seldom consider that the future of America rests in large part on the role parents play in their children’s lives. It is a major contribution for either the positive or negative evolution of our world.

Children raised by conscious parents have better coping skills, are more likely to take personal responsibility for their decisions, are less likely to blame others or the “system” for their problems and have an overall win-win attitude in life. This is one prime example of how our behaviors are a result of the belief systems bestowed upon us and how we affect one another on a universal level.

Generally speaking, we muddle along. Our children may turn out brilliantly or not. Hopefully, we teach our children values, maybe throw in some stuff about how, “You can be anything you want to be.” Although, this is usually accompanied by the caveat, “If you work really, really hard!” (Wow… what a bargain!)  Then somewhere in time, usually around middle age comes the time when we begin to consider our own mortality.  We may also begin to sense a vague uneasiness. We do a life review which often leads us to the burning questions about who we really are, what motivates us and most importantly what we were born to do.

Why didn’t anyone tell us this would happen??  How do we unravel years of beliefs and behaviors that no longer serve us? How do we discover what our true passion and mission is in life? Heck, even if we do find the answers, then what? Do we have to start all over again?

Disconnecting From the External World 

     In a sense we do have to start all over again. We have to disconnect from the world we see with our eyes (the world of illusion) and reconnect to the world behind our eyes (the real world of our intuition).  If you believed only what your senses told you then you would believe that the world is flat and not this huge sphere. You would believe that we are stationery and not spinning at dizzying speeds throughout space.

And herein lies our challenge: to defy what we have been told to believe about the world for a half century or more and what our eyes so convincingly tells us is real and rely instead on the clear vision and higher intelligence of our soul.

I often say, “The way out is the way in.” Remember the times when you listened to your gut (your intuition) and you were lead to just the right person, place or thing?  Know that your intuition is always speaking to you and will lead you to where you need to be. Your job is to stop the monkey mind chatter …. And just listen.  Here are some suggestions to get you out of your mind and connect to your IGS (intuitive Guidance System).

#1- Meditate, Meditate, Meditate. I say this so often that I’m certain people are tired of hearing it, but truly this is the first and best step to get in touch with your inner guidance system and connect to the Universal intelligence/God.

#2- Challenge your beliefs: Stop believing everything your mind tells you! Interview yourself and ask why you believe the things you believe?

#3- Challenge your mind with critical thinking exercises. The internet is abundant with mind puzzles for you and your family.

Remember that these steps will not only help you, it will help you to become a model of inspired behavior for your children!

Live Miraculously!