There are two kinds of freedom: one is the freedom from something, which is a reaction; and the other is not a reaction, it is “being free.”


How free are YOU? We’re celebrating our regional independence tomorrow and that is cause for festivities.                                               

And I wonder: why does it seem easier to free a country than to emotionally free ourselves?   I think for most, if not all of us, to be free of anything or any place or person’s control is– like Master card –“priceless”.

And yet the irony is this:  What imprisons us most are our thoughts, which leads to our emotional responses and which often leads to our “re-acting” as opposed to “pro-acting.”

Good, bad or indifferent our choices and decisions are rarely if ever generated from an uncontaminated mind. What we perceive as our free will is really contingent on our biases which were seeded and cultivated early on and anchored by our “tribes.” So, if you think you are making free will choices …yeah, ok. Well… actually…No, you’re not.

Every “free will” decision that we make has been run by our subconscious first (and, I might add our Chakras) to determine where and how it fits into our life story.  Sometimes it works out really well for us and other times…not so much. Especially if we are being driven by our unconscious desire to heal childhood wounds.  And if you’ve read my column before, you know how often that happens.

Sounds a little grim? Well if you know me, you know I don’t do problems without solutions and I’m not fond of bad news. The upside of all this is of course…awareness! When we become aware of how emotionally trapped we are, we’ve made it to first base.

 Part of my Living Miraculously program involves disconnecting from these emotional traps.  How do you know if you are emotionally trapped? Here are a few clues:

  •   When I’m angry with someone, I don’t breathe and center myself. I immediately react as opposed to respond
  •   If I’m blamed for something, I feel the need to defend my actions first, even if I follow with an apology
  •   When I’m stuck in traffic, I’m impatient and annoyed (ok…that’s everyone)
  •   I find it hard to let go of negative situations even though I know it’s time to move on
  •   I “forgive” people (sarcasm intended) for being “a#@holes” or “jerks.” (Honest… I’ve heard this more times than you
    would believe
  •   I’m often angry at how people and the world behave in general
  •   I’m angry at how politicians behave (did I hit a hot button here?)

Remember this; if at any moment you are not feeling completely at peace with your action, choice or decision, then something is amiss. And I have to say…..that even feeling “euphoric” about a decision or situation can also be ego delusion.  “Peace” is your spot on compass, your faithful guide to the best possible choice in your life.

Wishing you a safe, happy and free 4th of July!

Live Miraculously,


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