It’s a full moon on Friday the 13th!

Whether you’re a Triskadekophile (you love the number 13) or you’re triskaidekaphobic (you fear the number 13) tonight brings together some powerful energy!  Actually, the precise time of this collision of energies is 12:11 am, Friday the 13th – that’s when the moon will be full, so essentially on Thursday night, not Friday night.


So what does this all mean? As a numerologist,  let’s begin with the numerical implications.In Numerology  we always (well almost always!) reduce numbers to a single digit. The entire vibration of June 13, 2014 works    like this:  6+1+3+2+0+1+4 = 17 = 1+7= ‘8.’  The number 8, standing alone is a very powerful number. Its  strength lies in its ability to take control. It is ambitious. It resembles the Infinity sign… symbolic of the  relationship between the finite and the Infinite. In other words, it calls for balance between the material world and  the spiritual world.  The numbers that make up the number 8 will all have an influence as well. Just a peek at   some of the aspects:

  •    The 6 is concerned with home, family, love (Venus!)
  •    The 1 is independent and original (Mars!)
  •    The 3 is creative but can scatter its energies
  •    The 2 is cooperative or…disruptive.
  •    The 4 is responsible and hard working.

 As far as the assigning any negativity to the number ‘13’… I say hogwash!  There are a variety of stories contributing to the negative and positive perception of the number 13, following are just a few:

  • In pagan rites 13 witches are a full coven.
  • Christians link the 13 apostles at The Last Supper with death and betrayal. The Last Supper is thought to have taken place on a Friday – hence Friday the 13th was considered most unlucky.
  • Hindus also believed that it was bad luck for 13 people to gather together for any purpose at the same time.
  • The number 13 represented death to the Egyptians… but wait!  They also believed that in life we went through many stages of a spiritual journey. 12 of those stages occurred in this life, but the last – the 13th – was the happy ascension to an eternal afterlife.

In Numerology, although it is considered a Karmic number (meaning, if you have this number in your chart, there is clear Karmic baggage from a past life) people who are born on the 13th are hard workers, creative, idea people who are quite vulnerable. They go through many tests and trials in life, and like a diamond, experiences much pressure before their spirituality comes into full awareness. In the Tarot, the 13th card is Death.  Yet, the meaning is not death but transition

Although I’m not an Astrologer I gathered some information about this particular full moon. The full moon on June 13, 2014 is in the sign of Sagittarius which rules fire, optimism, freedom, fun/joy and travel and a good time to clear away limitations and what does not serve you. Jupiter is the planet ruling this full Moon, and currently in her exalted state (meaning doing her best work) in Cancer – A super time for attracting gifts, abundance and knowledge.

Here’s a happy and powerful ritual to take advantage of this Double Crown Winner:  At 12:11 tonight, light a white candle, on two separate pieces of paper, write down what you choose to let go of and what you choose to attract. Mediate on both with FEELING and BELIEVE strongly in the miraculous power of attraction, especially tonight with these powerful energies on your side, and then burn both papers.  Take the ashes and drop them anyplace with running water. (Could be your sink). Now, open your arms wide and Thank God, the universe, your higher power, your angels or whoever you believe is the co- creator and overseer of this amazing universe and then be sure to close with a blessing for all…and watch for your miracles!

Live Miraculously!


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