An interesting fact that I just discovered was that statistically, women’s lives get better as they grow older Isn’t that wonderful? There are a number of reasons “why” but most importantly because of the remarkable psychological strength we possess. Reviewing our past, we recognize that we have successfully navigated through many challenges and now appreciate just how strong we are.
Our relationships with both men and women have likely gone through many changes and as we have grown and matured so have our relationships. We forge stronger bonds and closer and more supportive relationships with other women whom we both admire and trust.
As a result, we feel more secure in our decision making, more confident in our power and more content and fulfilled in our lives. In other words “we come into our own.”
Women -Feisty, Fascinating and Fabulous!
So if you are a woman, congratulations! You belong to a divinely inspired exclusive, Goddess sorority. Sadly, many of us aren’t aware of our Goddess Divinity or what that means. Goddess Divinity is experiencing the spiritual aspect of your feminine and divine nature that is your birthright, one that predisposes you to extraordinary wisdom and talents.
Over my lifetime, I have been blessed to know and befriend the most extraordinary women. Women who have single handedly raised families- their own and other. They have driven tractors from the age 12 when there was no one else to do it.
One woman I know, raised four siblings without a father, because her mother who was too ill to care for her children. She was 13 and at that tender age drove a car to visit her sick mother in the hospital.
I have known women who’ve managed to support their children in the most ingenious ways because of husbands who abandoned their family.
There are women who left home at 15 to escape abuse and yet somehow managed to educate themselves and build successful careers.
Then there is my other dear brave friend who in one jaw- dropping moment, ended her marriage, retired and sold her house – while I stood by speechless. Was she afraid? Absolutely, but she did it anyway because she followed her intuition. She is now living in a lovely cabin, logging wood to her fireplace and doing all sorts of things she never imagined she could or would do. She is my hero(ine).
We don’t break, we bend. We are the lioness defending our pride. We invented the phrase “multi-tasking” and now we have little time to whine about life’s injustices or complain about what could have, or should have been. We live in the present and learn the lessons of the past.
We are Rosie the Riveter, Demeter the Goddess of earth and fertility and Aphrodite, the Goddess of beauty and love.
Despite all this independence and fiery determination, we don’t do it alone. Behind every great woman is another woman cheering her on. We comfort, console, support and rally around one another when the chips are down and we are each others champions when things are up. We will not forsake a friend or break a promise. We are mighty and magical!
“Can you imagine a world without men? No crime and lots of happy fat women.” ~Nicole Hollander

Now aren’t you doubly glad you are a woman? If you’re feeling less than Divine-like like these days, here are a few tips to get your Gorgeous, Goddess going.
* Trust your intuition. You have a natural intuitive guidance system. Follow its instructions!
* Write down all your gifts and talents. Think of ALL the things you have ever done in your life (big and small) and really pay attention to the talents hidden in each one. You’ll be amazed at what you’ll uncover.
* Introduce yourself to the child inside of you. She has important information and secrets to share with you about who you are and how to break free of limiting beliefs.

Live Miraculously!