Numerology & Astrological Forecast for August 2017
So my friends…there is a lot going on in our celestial skies! I thought it would be a great idea to ask trained, expert Astrologer Maya White if she would like to contribute some of her wisdom about the energies operating right now. Maya graciously agreed and you can find her interpretations below.

But first I’ll give you the “low down” on what’s happening Numerologically, both universally and for the USA.  August is one powerful month! The Lunar Eclipse on the 7th in the sign of Aquarius and the strong Solar Eclipse on August 21st in the sign of Leo is sure to shake up things. I have used this term quite often this year: “It is a time of breakdowns to breakthroughs” and in August it is so very apropos.

2017 – Universal 1 Personal Year  — August – 18/ 9 Personal Month

Universally, this is a powerful month. It is yin and yang. There will be breakthroughsin space, communications and politics. Equally true there will be breakdowns in the same categories. The number 9 vibrates to humanity and global endeavors and so it requires more attention than usual to the global community.   Ask the question: how can I help others? Very often in a 9 month it brings endings. It is sure to be a very intense and emotional month.

 Ego rears its ugly head and tempers can flare

It is a finishing cycle and things will come to a close. Anything that is uncertain will need to be made certain. It is the proverbial “lines drawn in the sand” type of energy.
In the Tarot the 18 is the Moon card 
(How appropriate is that considering the lunar Eclipse on the 7th!) The Moon card represents emotions, intuition and psychic ability. This card suggests that we need to reflect upon our life and use our intuitive abilities to determine what thoughts and actions we need to take to correct our course.
For the USA  — August is an 11/2 Personal Month in a 3 Personal Year.
The USA entered an intense year-long transit last month and each month will present it’s own challenges. This month is ruled by the Master Number 11.  Master Numbers are highly spiritual and intuitive. On the high side the 11 “ups the ante” in the realms of spiritual illumination, artistic creativity, and inspired healing and breakthroughs. Equally true, the 11/2 can bring surprises and unusual and even shocking, unexpected happenings. The 11/2 will also cause breaks in relationships but true to its duality it can bring reconciliation. So conflict and disagreements and attempts to reconcile are on the agenda.  Agreements will be made and agreements will be broken. Diplomacy, sensitivity and cooperation in all communication is necessary.
Overall, the best way to deal with these intense energies is to go within. Tune out all the external chatter and get quiet. MEDITATE! The Master energy of the 11 in addition to the Astrological aspects ( be sure to check out Maya White’s interpretations below!) makes it a wonderful time to tune into your inner, higher self and get really serious about unraveling any mental confusion. Get to the root of what drives you to make certain decisions, what is your highest purpose and what action you need to take to uplevel your life. The good news is that right now, with the powerful forces at work,  you have the opportunity to  more easily pierce the veil of the astral world, so take advantage of this opening!
(If you’re having difficulty sorting it all out or need support, a plan and a trained eye, call, text or email me for a special deal this month on numerology services.)
Live Miraculously,