I find it hard to believe that we are at the halfway mark of 2017. In reality though I’m always amazed at how time flies. And the older I get, the more I am convinced that time speeds up.

Numerologically, I’m in a 7 personal Year. A 7 Personal  year is deeply transformative. It is not a year to pursue money (darn it!) but it is a year to reevaluate, to reconnect  with others from the past and most importantly to  reexamine where I am in my spiritual practice.

Things will come to you in a 7 year …as long as you do not  push… or  pull. It usually involves making important  decisions in  your life as well.

A BIG check mark on all of the above for me. For about four years now, I’ve been on a not-so- much – fun roller coaster ride. And all I can say is the highs have been high and the lows…well you know the rest. The good thing is that knowing my chart, I had a “heads up” and so it made it somewhat easier at times. Knowing the laws of co creating my reality … and miracles…also was a huge help.

And this is where people get kind of confused. They often say to me: “well you’re either co creating your reality or it’s all predestined. So which is it, Michele?” My answer: It’s both! Although it seems like a paradox, both are equally true.

It is my belief that our course in life is set or predestined — meaning that no matter what, in this particular incarnation we are going from point A to Point B. Along this journey we will encounter situations and relationships that were predestined and which offer us the opportunity to grow spiritually. So in effect over our entire life within these predestined situations, we exercise our free will by way of the choices that we make.

This is how we grow spiritually (well, hopefully anyway) within these experiences. So, the question we might ask ourselves is always the same; “What do

I need to learn from this experience and is this something that keeps repeating in my life?” After that the question becomes will I learn from this experience and move on or do I choose to keep repeating the same issues over and over again? It is always our choice.

After all, the Universe (or God) has plenty of time to play this game (actually all of eternity!). It is a good reminder that at every moment we are choosing, and every choice co creates our future. However, bear in mind there are certain “destined” experiences that cannot be altered.

Personal Numerology Reading

Numerology is a fascinating study of your name and birth date and how it impacts your present life’s journey. Having a Personal Numerology Reading serves as a type of blueprint for this life’s experience. It also reveals your talents, challenges, opportunities and mission in this lifetime. The forecasting area of your chart details the opportunities and the challenges that the yearly vibrations attract.

I find that generally speaking, most people are interested in the bottom line or “what’s happening in my life right now” or “what’s going to happen.” It’s great and kind of exciting to take a peek into your future, however, a Numerology report offers much more rich information that can impact your entire life.

Many of you know that my charts are personally interpreted by me. I spend hours on every numerology chart and I believe $187.00 for a full reading and $127.00 for a yearly update is quite reasonable. When I interpret a chart I weigh all the aspects against one another and I use other transits that are not in any ordinary computerized program.

Because I realize there are many people who would like a more affordable interpretation I am now offering a Decoz computerized Numerology program. It is a good quality program and a fine starting point and I’m sure you will find it informative.

Here are the prices for the computerized charts:

Numerology Personality Profile $19.97 Reveals the meaning behind each number in your personal chart and describes your personality, talents, strengths, and other traits.
Numerology One-Year Forecast $24.97 Gives you a preview of major influences in the year ahead

Compatibility Chart: 2 Names: $24.97

I’m not sure how long I will offer these computerized charts, so if you are interested, I suggest you act fast. email me at michelelanders@bellsouth.net and please put “Numerology Chart” in the subject line.