This blog will be short and hopefully sweet. The month of December is marked by different religious celebrations. The most popular one being Christmas. And for many of you right now you are most likely scurrying about, busy with last minute essentials, maybe cooking, and baking in preparation for the big day. Most will gather with family (that can be dicey) and friends to celebrate. I do love the holidays and what they stand for, but honestly, I think the Holidays can bring out the Bi-Polar in us.

We experience the euphoric high of anticipation. There’s parties and decorating, the enjoyment of buying special gifts for the people who are so dear to us, making or eating traditional foods that we rarely indulge in, maybe volunteering because we are in deep in the spirit of loving and giving.

Yet, lurking just  below the surface is the depressive lows of how to fit all this busyness into our already over burdened lives ( think of “Max” the Grinch’s dog pulling the ginormous sleigh of toys out of Whoville, beads of perspiration dripping from his brow) . And of course even the simplest of Holidays will require some extra green stuff. And where will we get that from? (A wise guru once said when posed with the question of where the money would come from for their new building; “wherever it’s supposed to come from”) Of course, why didn’t I think of that!

Anyway, see what I mean; classic bi Polarism. I do love the holidays, but right now I feel like I’m an exhausted marathon runner without a cheering squad or water station. Since I usually do this every year (I know, “walk around the pot hole, Michele”) my solution is to always keep a candle lit in my kitchen. It also helps that it’s an Archangel Michael candle. With his fierce stance and mighty sword, he looks at me with steadfast eyes assuring me of his protection and guidance.

Looking at the candle instantly calms me and reminds me to stop, breathe and be thankful. And what naturally follows is the thought that maybe I could bake one less batch of cookies, buy one less perfect present, and not be so stressed that the live tree that I just had to have this year is no longer alive… or is at least rapidly aging. She reminds me of this fact, because every day that I pass by, her drooping branches lets go of another ornament to the soft tree skirt below, which is now full of drying pine needles. Ahh… there’s a metaphor here.

Miraculous season that it is, maybe the miracle is that we make it though in one emotional piece.

Humor aside, we are all these miraculous beings and I think when we stop, look and listen we’ll know this to be the truth. One of my favorite songs, appropriately enough is; “It’s in every one of us” by David Pomerantz. Please watch this video that reminds you of who you really are and yes, please cry.

“It’s in Every One Of Us”

I would like to finish this blog with my deepest and heartfelt gratitude for the real life angels (and one muse!) in my life. You know who you are; I love you and couldn’t have made it through the year without your supportive loving arms and hearts. And also for the angels of the etheric realm.  I feel your presence every day of my life.  And to everyone; I love you too and wish you peace, love and may all your dreams come true!