Last week when writing about our Abundant Universe I said I might continue to explore this concept in more depth in my next blog.

In reality most of us seem to operate our lives from the perspective of lack and limitation. We view life as restrictive and believe that somehow there is not enough money, love or health to go around. If “I have more” we reason, then naturally someone else has to have less. We believe that the world’s resources are limited and we can’t have it all. Sometimes, despite our greatest efforts and yes, prayers, the Universe might not seem so abundant or generous or miraculous.

What about the more serious issues? Our eyes tell us a different and not- so- happy story about the Universe.  Surely when we hear of the squalor and horrific conditions in which so many of the world’s people live, we find it difficult, if not impossible to believe in an abundant universe.

Just today on Oprah was the horrifying story of Dr. William Petit and the tragic and tortuous loss of his wife and daughters.

If the universe is abundant, then why the disparity, we may reasonably ask? Where in the midst of this turbulent world, with its senseless murders, innocent people and children beset by physical challenges, child abuse and any other number of apparent roulette wheel sentencing to those undeserving of it – is the compassionate, just and abundant universe?  And why does it seem to answer at random, or worse, not at all our most desperate prayers?

These are enormously challenging questions and most difficult to answer within the context of an “abundant universe.” At the risk of sounding trite or worse, evasive, there is no one-size fits all explanation.  However, we can contemplate some possible answers. Perhaps some are such heroic and courageous souls that they agree to be placed in the role of “victim” in order to teach in a powerful way lessons such as compassion, understanding and tolerance. Maybe the reason was to inspire someone to create a foundation or other movement to help prevent that tragedy from happening again. (Personally, I know of such a person and situation).

Perhaps these souls have chosen to be the light in the darkness of despair or evil. Many people suffer immeasurably on their journey to greatness. Mahatma Gandhi is one example.

What I offer here is not to question the belief in an abundant universe or in miracles, but to strengthen this belief. To suggest that as in all of life and even within the concept of an abundant universe, there exists a paradox.

Despite the many tragedies we may witness or worse yet, personally experience does not diminish our power to co create a miraculous life, not just personally but collectively for the planet.

From the words of Graham Nash; “We can Change the World.”  Off in a little bit of different direction and just because I’m an old hippie and love the song…if you would like to listen:

Abundant Blessings,